Thursday, January 25, 2007

Princeton University Center for the Study of Books and Media
2007 Graduate Student Conference Schedule

All are welcome to attend

Saturday, February 10, 2007, Friend Center 004



Panel I: Systems of Communication

Joanne Filippone (Fordham University)
“The Price of Books in England, 1300-1483”

Will Slauter (Princeton University)
“George Washington is Dead: Forgery and Authenticity in the Making of International News”

James Brooke-Smith (New York University)
“The Print System in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain”

Coffee Break


Panel II: Dangerous Books!

Saladin Ahmed (Rutgers University)
“Printing the Kingdom of Darkness: ‘Wonder Books’ and Late Seventeenth-Century English Publishing”

Tracy Miller (New York University)
“Infected Pages: Public Libraries, Germ Theory, and the Book Scares of Late Victorian England”

Francine Becker (Drew University)
"Boys Behaving Badly: The British Obscenity Trials of Hubert Selby Jr’s Last Exit to Brooklyn"

Lunch: (Friend Center Convocation Room)


Panel III: Readers and Writers as Collectors: Commonplace Books and Travel Journals

Jonathan Hsy (University of Pennsylvania)
“Periodizing Merchants: Urban Temporality and the Compiliations of Richard Hill and John Colyns”

William Weaver (Columbia University)
“Erasmus’s De Copia and Reformation Reading Practices”

Nichole Bennett-Bealer (Drew University)
“Transatlantic Calling Card: Willa Cather’s Visit with A. E. Housman”

Coffee Break


Final Discussion

3:30 - 5:00: Nigel Smith (Princeton University) and the audience