Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new book-history journal

Call for Papers:
We are pleased to launch the first call for papers for the newly established journal for the history of written word, books and memory institutions. The Journal, Libellarium, will be published by the University of Zadar, Croatia. For the first issue we are inviting two kinds of papers, both dealing with the history of books. The first should contribute to discussions referring to the substance of book history and its methodological issues (What is the book history today? Could it be an independent scientific discipline? What is the state of research in different countries? Etc.). The second should address a wide range of questions regarding the use of sources in book history. Contributors are encouraged to interpret the topics such as bibliographies as a source for the book history, printers’ catalogues and advertisements as a source for the book history, book dedications and forewords as a source for the book history, missionary reports as a source for the book history and so forth. We welcome papers taking an interdisciplinary approach that productively combine history, literary, and sociology with book history methodologies.

All potential contributors are kindly requested to send an abstracts with a title (500 words maximum) by 1 February 2007 to The final versions of papers are expected by 5 April 2007.

All contributions should be submitted in English and not exceed 8000 words in length (including notes). Please use Chicago Manual of Style, Author-Date System, available at Before publication all contributions will be reviewed by two independent referees. The English of the submitted manuscripts should be of a suitable quality for publishing. Please do not hesitate to request further information if needed, and address all correspondence to Zoran Velagić