Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Printing Historical Society
Research Grants in Printing History for 2007
Deadline: January 1, 2007

The Printing Historical Society is pleased to continue its limited number of small grants for the promotion of the history of printing for the third year. Grants are offered for three categories: Research on topics relating to the history of printing; Publishable reports on archives relating to the history of printing; Conference fellowships for students giving papers at Printing Historical Society conferences

Mindful that there are grants available from related societies, the Society will limit its grants to historical research in the following areas: printing technology, the printing and related industries, printed materials and artifacts, type and typefounding, print culture, and printing processes and design.

Research grant applications may be for funding up to £ 1,000; applications for publishable reports on archives may be up to £ 500. In both cases grants may be used to cover material or other expenses, including travel, subsistence, photography, etc. Applications should specify the amount requested and the use of funds envisaged; costs incurred before application are unlikely to be successful. The Committee will feel free to award less than the amount requested. The archival reports will be considered for publication in Printing History News or the Journal of the Printing Historical Society.

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