Friday, December 08, 2006

The HENRIK Database
Books and their Owners in Finland up to 1809

HENRIK contains information about books and their owners in Helsinki up to and including 1809. This information has been retrieved from estate inventory deeds and auction protocols. When conducting searches, information about books and their owners can be combined. HENRIK represents a multifaceted resource and will yield new opportunities for research in cultural history.

This database was named after Henrik Grönroos Ph. D. [honorary doctorate]. Material collected by Grönroos over several decades has been at the centre of our work in creating this database. The Grönroos Collection is preserved by the Archive of Literature and History attached to the Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland [the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland]. Additional information has been assembled from various sources in the City Archives of Helsinki. To date, the database covers all estate inventory deeds and auction protocols in Helsinki up to 1809. We hope to include similar material from other towns in the future.

Database access here