Saturday, December 15, 2007

Book History and Print Culture
A collaborative program at the University of Toronto

The Collaborative Program in Book History and Print Culture is designed to bring together graduate students from a variety of disciplines based on their common research interest in the physical, cultural, and theoretical aspects of the book. As a collaborative program, it is designed to augment the learning and research potential of existing master's and doctoral programs by pooling the expertise of U of T faculty members in this field from several disciplines. All students begin with the core course, which introduces scholarly approaches to the field. The core course is complemented by courses from other departments either cross-listed with or approved by the program. At the doctoral level, students in the program are required to undertake a practicum and bring their skills to bear on a major research project. Students who graduate from the program will have acquired a thorough knowledge of the emerging field of book history and print culture and will have demonstrated an ability to incorporate that knowledge into their research.

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