Thursday, September 13, 2007

Making Theatrical Publics in Early Modern Europe
A Research Seminar for Dissertation-Stage PhD Students and Junior Faculty sponsored by The Making Publics Project (MaPs) at McGill University.
Leaders: Steven Mullaney (Michigan) and Paul Yachnin (McGill)
Time & Location: Victoria University of the University of Toronto, May 14-June 9, 2008

How did the shift from earlier forms of theatre, such as Corpus Christi
cycles or moralities and interludes, to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century forms, such as the amphitheatre drama of Reformation London or the corrales drama of Golden Age Spain, alter the ways in which individual and collective identities were modeled?

As many as 12 Canadian and non-Canadian dissertation-stage students and
junior faculty from across the humanities and social sciences will be invited to take part in this month-long interdisciplinary seminar that will bring together scholars interested in the relationship among forms of performance, the formation of "publics," and the development of public life. The travel and living expenses of the participants in the seminar will be covered by the MaPs project. Participants in the seminar will have access to the rich resources of the University of Toronto┬╣s John P. Robarts Research Library and Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, as well as the specialist collection of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, at Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

Further information and application instructions can be obtained from the MaPs Project website.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2007.