Monday, November 27, 2006

A.H.R.C. Centre for Editing Lives and Letters

Masters Degree Program in Research (MRes):
Editing Lives and Letters, 1500-1800

The Masters in Research 'Editing Lives and Letters 1500-1800' provides a research qualification unique in the United Kingdom. It has been designed for students with an interest in archival research, critical editing, life-writing and intellectual histories. The central aim of the programme is to train students in the skills they require to pursue these interests. The compulsory core course provides the skills required for archival research in manuscript and early modern print production. The course is taught by seminars, workshops and field trips to relevant institutions including the Plantin-Moretus Print Museum in Antwerp. A Latin class enables even beginners to become sufficiently familiar with Latin primers and dictionaries to be able to make ad hoc translations of Latin phrases, sentences and short texts. Students are also trained in IT to ensure that they have access to the full range of resources needed for modern scholarship. Modular courses on a range of topics, including life writing and early modern reading, encourage students to use these skills intellectually and creatively, as does the disseration.

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